Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron just doesn't get it. In his column [April 16, 2021 page 26] favoring an Aristotelian policy framework focused on the liberty of the individual, his bottom line is: "Any political program that subordinates the individual to collective categories and ideals is dangerous and will conduce, in short order, to oppression and profound injustice." In fact, our primary concern should not be hypothetical future consequences but rather with the actual oppression and injustice in our society under those who elevate the rights of individuals over all else. The world is a complicated place, and while no philosophical framework has all the answers, individuals are free to prefer one over another. Put to the rather stark choice Bishop Barron poses in his essay, however, it is difficult to understand how the Gospel of Jesus Christ could possibly be construed to favor procedural "equality of opportunity" over substantive "equity of outcome."

Eric Koetting