Recently I got hold of a Catholic Media Association Directory and did a bit of research. Very noticeable and alarming are the number of dioceses with magazines only, having scuttled their newspapers evidently as a cost saving measure.

From what I have seen of such magazines they have a somehow off-putting polish, no controversy and no letters to the editor. As Fr. Z might say, it is all happy gas. Personally I find them unreadable. In very worldly terms they come across as exclusively top-down propaganda.

The 1983 Code of Canon Law emphasizes the right of Catholics to communicate their observations and concerns to one another, provided all is charitable and respectful, but if there is no vehicle for doing so, of what use is this right?

This is my way of saying I am grateful for the Sentinel and hope to see it continue far into the future. My politics may differ from the editor’s, but I am in awe of how well you cover the archdiocese, both in extent and depth. Certainly your CMA awards are richly deserved.

Lee Gilbert