Archbishop Alexander Sample last month released a series of four brief videos that tackle the biggest questions of human existence with logic, kindness and clarity.

The series, called “Our Story,” is aimed at the curious unchurched, of whom Oregon has many. It begins with “Created” (, six minutes with images of stunning stars and galaxies and the archbishop posing the question, “Why is there something instead of nothing?”

Getting into the ideas of Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas in a manner accessible to anyone, the archbishop suggests that everything that exists has a cause and at some point we get to the original cause.

The archbishop admits that one can prove the universe was created but can’t prove it was made by a personal God. “That takes a choice,” he says.

He then tells viewers he has chosen to believe that a personal God created the universe “in love and for love” and that the pinnacle of creation is the human person.

“You,” the archbishop emphasizes.

Humans are intelligent, free and capable of choosing between good and evil. Nothing else in the grandeur of creation is as magnificent as that, Archbishop Sample says, noting the Judeo-Christian conviction that humans were made in the image of God.

“The God who is perfect and made you in love and for love loves you perfectly,” the archbishop says. “You are valuable, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are a unique treasure in his heart. He desires you. He wants you. He searches for you.”

In “Captured” (, the archbishop notes that the world is in trouble because it has an enemy who hates everyone individually.

“Satan is real,” the archbishop says, explaining that the fallen angel wants to tarnish the human race, which was made in the image of God.

Satan lies about us and about God in an attempt to create distrust and kill confidence, the archbishop says.

“He tries to convince us we can be happy without God,” the archbishop explains, adding that hunger for money, sex, drugs and domination is Satan’s strategy. After people go willy-nilly for all this satisfaction, Satan then switches ploys and convinces them they are failures and unworthy.

“His goal is to wreak havoc, steal and destroy,” says the archbishop. “He is good at what he does, which is why you and I keep sinning.”

Jesus is the way out, the archbishop declares in part 3, called “Rescued” (

In a world that is such a mess, what is God doing to fix it? the archbishop asks. The answer, he says, is Jesus and then the cross.

A man born in a dusty corner of the Roman Empire who taught and then allowed himself to be executed is the most pivotal figure in human history, the archbishop tells viewers, adding that the cross should be seen not just as a sign of victimization, but as God’s rescue plan.

“Christ died for us,” the archbishop says. “He died to rescue your capacity to love your neighbor… He rose for you. It’s the vocation of love that Jesus came to redeem.”

In the final section, “Our Response” (, the archbishop tells viewers they must decide for themselves whether Jesus is who he says he is. Those who know the story of Jesus must then make a choice and will be accountable for it.

Jesus made it simple, saying all that is needed to be rescued is to believe in him, the archbishop explains.

“Faith is an act of your will, something you freely choose,” he says, adding that faith is really a gift from God.

“So ask him for it,” the archbishop says. “It is possible to have a living relationship with Jesus Christ so deep and life-changing that you almost no longer want to say you have faith in him. Instead you feel a profound confidence in him.”