A bogus bishop was entertained by Rev. B. Orth, rector of the St. Lawrence parish, this city, last week, the devout Father believing for some days that his hospitality was being accepted by Rt. Rev. Gulstan Francois Ropert, D.D., Vicar-Apostolic of the Sandwich Islands.

At Mass Friday morning, Father Orth noticed some little irregularities in the services as performed by the “bishop” which aroused his suspicions. During the day Father Orth discovered that the pages in his Catholic directory bearing on the Sandwich Islands vicariate were torn out. This added to his suspicions.

After services that evening, a young lady of the parish called on Father Orth, and told him that when she had first seen the “bishop” she felt sure that she had seen him in Idaho where he had played off being a priest. His sermon here, accent and all, was identical with the sermon she had heard him preach in Idaho.

— August 8, 1895

Editor’s note: The bogus bishop, using the name of Hawaii’s actual prelate, later was arrested in Astoria, the police there having been alerted by the local pastor.