“What will be your response to the Resurrection?” Archbishop Alexander Sample asked on a video released on Facebook early Easter morning.

“Now the tomb is empty, Christ is risen,” the archbishop said. “Death is conquered, sin is conquered, the enemy is conquered. We rejoice in Christ’s victory. … But the story isn’t over because it requires a continuing response on our part to all God has done for us in his son Jesus Christ.”

Speaking with the Caravaggio painting “The Call of St. Matthew” behind him, the archbishop said that the Resurrection changed the world and changes each individual.

“Will it continue to transform your life, to know that God so loved the world, God so loved you, that he gave his only son so that you might have new life and have it in abundance and that your joy might be complete? And that you might find your ultimate destiny and the ultimate meaning and purpose of your life, to be raised up with Christ and to be with God forever one day?”

The archbishop urged a daily response to the Resurrection that goes year-round.