Regarding “Knights continue making a difference in Oregon,” June 3, Page 1:

I read that the Knights of Columbus in Oregon are purchasing eight ultrasound machines for pregnancy resource centers. Worldwide, the Knights have placed about 1,500 of the machines. Doing the math with even the least expensive machines, this adds up to more than $75 million.

One would think there are better ways to use this money to do what the Knights profess: “defending the poor and protecting widows and orphans.” How many meals, how much clothing, how much shelter and other aid would these monies provide?

Perhaps the Knights of Columbus should promote marriage, not support women who choose to have a child out of wedlock.

I am going to demand that our organization provide the services set forth in its mandates. Every life is important, but we need to provide education, not crutches. Jesus said, “Sin no more.” By supporting sin we are contradicting the words of Christ.

Having served in the military and then 40 years in the medical field, we need to be proactive, not reactive. We are educators, not babysitters.

Dr. Francis Straley


Editor’s note: The Knights of Columbus do work to provide services to the poor and vigorously promote marriage and family life.