In a short video posted Aug. 2, Archbishop Alexander Sample confronted those who reject God.

"If you're going to reject God, at least reject him for the right reasons," the archbishop began in a persuasive tone.

He shares with the audience the story of a letter that Pope John Paul I wrote to the English writer G.K. Chesterton — “who, by the way, might just be the best writer of the 20th century,” Archbishop Sample quipped. “Just saying.”

Novelist Chesterton is best known for authoring the fictional character Father Brown, a Catholic priest whose wit makes him a formidable detective, starring in a series of short stories and the British television series of the same name.

Chesterton switched from the agnosticism of his youth to Anglicanism, and in 1922 he converted to Catholicism.

“Here’s what the pope wrote,” Archbishop Sample continued, quoting from Pope John Paul I’s letter. “What many people fight is not the true God, but the false idea they have made of God. A God who protects the rich, who only asks and demands, who is jealous of our growing prosperity, who spies continuously on our sins from above to give himself the pleasure of punishing us.

“Dear Chesterton, you know God is not like that.

“You know that He is both good and just. The father of prodigal sons, who wishes them all not to feel sad and wretched, but great and free and creators of their own destiny. Our God isn’t man’s rival. He wants us to be his friends.

“He’s called us to share in his divine nature and in his eternal happiness. And he doesn’t ask anything excessive of us. He is content with very little because he knows very well that we haven’t got very much.

“Dear Chesterton, I’m sure, as you are, that this God will make himself ever more known and loved by everyone, including those who reject him.

“Not because they are evil, they can be better than both of us, but be-cause they look at him from a mistaken point of view. If they continue not to believe in him, he replies: 'Well, I believe in you.'"

The archbishop emphasizes that in his long experience as a priest he has not found a single person who rejects the true God.

“Instead, what I have seen,” he says, “is that people reject who they think God is. A false image of him. Their own personal golden calf. And candidly, I think they reject even the thought of worshiping that God.

“And here’s the thing,” he continued. “So would I.”

Archbishop Sample reiterated his message: “If you're going to reject God, just make sure you're deliberately rejecting the God the pope just described: good, just, loving and wanting you to be great and free and his friend.

“Otherwise, you are not rejecting God. You are rejecting the 'god' you invented.

“No. It is time for you to meet the true God, ascend Mount Sinai. Meet him face to face. Reject your worry and fear,” invited the archbishop.

“Look with integrity at what is true and false. Accept what is right. Reject what is wrong.”

The archbishop insisted that all paths do not lead to God.

“Learn his way and be set free,” Archbishop Sample urged. “Get to know the real God. Jesus changes everything.”